Thursday, December 22, 2011


So today went ALOT better than what I thought it would. I get to go back to school with all my friends, except I have to stay away as far as possible from this kid, which I PLAN on doing..
Like seriously, taking me to court when we we're just horse-playing? Oh well, life lesson learned, stop playing so much of people and to only mess with close friends.. Oh well, but I'm happy now and my mom is really relaxed finally, so that means I get my social life back.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So throughout my teenage years, (yeah i'm still young) but throughout my younger teenage years I used drugs, cause I mean what else could stimulate happiness? I jumped from relationship to relationship, friendship to friendship, and now look at me my anxiety attacks have gotten worse and now every-time I hear certain drugs my heart drops. You don't need drugs to be happy people, my body is failing me now because of those 3 hours of happiness. I have a decent group of friends who keep me at a neutral zone with my feelings, so there's no need for drugs or alcohol. I don't want to grow up like my uncles, I want to have a good life, with good kids and a good wife. Sure I'm too young to be thinking about this, but I want to settle down now. I want to have a good long lasting relationship, maybe our mysterious ( Russian Girl ) will stick around for a while, even with all my flaws.

Russian Girl

So there's this girl, we'll name her 'Russian Girl' ..
 She's really interesting and cool, but something 'bout her seems off, she's soo outgoing and bold but for something reason it feels like there's just something she's not telling me.
I don't mean to be a douche-bag or anything but she did leave her boyfriend (sure he's leaving for the military) but she left him for ME!? Who in their right mind would do that!?
 That's besides the point the thing is we hung out today and it went all perfect, I've never been with a girl and have a perfect day.. It's just not possible, how can this girl be changing me so quickly? Things I would normally do, I didn't.. Things I WOULD NEVER DO, I did.

-Misjudged Romantic